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This list is based upon my favorite cousin, Roxanne Moos' original "Prince Edward Island Surnames List", which unfortunately due to personal reasons, Roxanne was forced to shut down on July 5th, 2002. My thanks and best wishes and I am sure everybody's, extend to Roxanne for the work she put into the list in the past 4 1/2 years. In discussions with Roxanne, it was decided to start fresh with surname postings, as Roxanne felt there were too many extinct email listings in the previous list. I want to thank Roxanne also for her suggestions and support of the new PEISL.

The Island Register's version of the list, which came on-line July 26th, 2002 has the same purpose as Roxanne's original list, but differs in that it is completely database driven and faster to post to. This database and its drivers are unique and have been developed expressly for the use of the PEISL. You can post your surnames by form and have them immediately listed. There is a reporting system to allow you to notify me of email changes should your address change following the posting of surnames. This will reduce administration time, and increase its overall efficiency, we hope.

Before entering a surname listing, please read the "FAQ/ What is a Surname List" file. To enter a surname either new or previously submitted, click on the Add Surname link in the database. If it is a new surname, it will create a new file - if not, it will append your research interest following the first submitter of that surname. Please use the most common spelling of your researched surname, and check all that you type before clicking on the submit button. DO NOT enter surnames as Mc/MacNeil, etc. If you must enter multiple spellings, do it in two individual entries. You may enter more than one surname by filling out a form for each surname you are researching.

Final Note: Be very careful entering data - spell correctly, and please ensure your email address is correct when you make entries.

You may continue to the list now by clicking on "Prince Edward Island Surnames List"!

You may visit an interesting list of "Surnames by Lot" which Roxanne developed using several sources, including postings to her old surname list. It was extremely useful if looking for family which might have settled in another lot. This listing was contributed by Roxanne to the Island Register and its users following the shut down of the old list. Roxanne developed it from the following sources:

  1. - Surnames submitted to the Prince Edward Island Surname List
  2. - Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society (1891 Census Index)
  3. - Lovell's Province of Prince Edward Island Directory for 1871
  4. - National Archives microfilm #M-896 (1841 P.E.I. Census for Lots 21, 22)
Roxanne's Surnames by Lot

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